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Explore the vanguard of playful pleasure with Lunary Games, the innovative publisher of video and board games. At Lunary Games, "Para//elle Silence is loud" is just the beginning: we invite you to live interactive experiences where cutting-edge technology and boundless creativity intertwine. Our games, designed to captivate, offer rich universes and time-defying game mechanics. Whether you're looking to lose yourself in virtual worlds or connect around a table, Lunary Games is your destination for futuristic, immersive entertainment.

RIFT: A cosmic battle cosmic battle of strategy and subterfuge. Save the universe, or be the rift that destroys it.

Immerse yourself in the world of RIFT,
where every decision can either seal a rift in the fabric of reality,
or tear it further apart. You are a member of Elysium, an elite
organization charged with protecting the world. But beware, an imposter is among you
seeking to sabotage your efforts. Use science, strategy and subtlety to
subtlety to complete missions, close breaches and unmask the
the impostor. In this thrilling card game, trust is fragile and every action
and every action has cosmic consequences.

Available soon

Para//ele: Silence is Loud – A Stellar Confrontation of Cunning and Strategy. Preserve the Cosmos or Become the Catalyst of Its Undoing.

In the early 22nd century, the world was rocked by the ‘Necrotis‘ pandemic, linked to quantum ruptures causing inter-dimensional disturbances. This disease, causing neurological issues and leading to hallucinations, enhanced physical abilities, and eventually memory loss and death, opened our world to ‘Specters’, alien entities.

A secret international consortium, ‘Elysium‘, comprising scientists, engineers, and operatives, was formed to address this crisis. Their mission: to understand Necrotis, unravel the enigma of the Specters, and find solutions to this chaotic pandemic. Elysium’s duties encompassed researching Necrotis and the Specters, developing treatments, and containing these threats.

Development in progress ( Unreal Engine 5.3 )


Most frequent questions and answers from Lunary Games

The inaugural project from Lunary Games will be titled ‘RIFT.’ It is a board game designed for 3 to 6 players, set in a distinctly science fiction theme.
The RIFT project is advancing well, currently 70% complete. It will soon be available for support on Kickstarter.
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